Desert Safari Camp Jaisalmer

Camel and jeep Safari

Sky Desert Safari provide camel safari to all guests .The camel safari is started from our camel point . It is Located 1.5 km before sam sand dunes ,we provide 1.5 km camel ride after that we provide sunset activity on main sam dunes.we are the best desert safari camp jaisalmer too.

Desert Safari Camp Jaisalmer


Jaisalmer is named after its founder Maharawal Jaisal Singh, a Rajput king in 1156 AD. "Jaisalmer" means "the Hill Fort of Jaisal". Jaisalmer is sometimes called the "Golden City of India" because the yellow sand and the yellow sandstone used in every architecture of the city gives a yellowish-

Desert Safari Camp Jaisalmer


we are the best desert safari camp jaisalmer too. Each tent of the camp is customized and designed with almost style keeping the modern necessities in mind. The tents of this camp have a modern look different kinds of traditional furniture are used in the rooms.

Desert Safari Camp Jaisalmer...

Desert Safari Camp Jaisalmer :-



May we assure you, of one excellence in all fields to attend to your needs at the barest minimum expenses that will amaze you.


Signs of development are visible in Khuri as more people discover it. In Khuri, visitors usually stays in the mud houses which is the tradition of Khuri. Yet to make a prominent mark on the tourist map. If one has interest in bird watching or wildlife then it is a must visit for you


To add to your experiences, joyous and gaiety, we have an open air restaurant.


TCamel races and camel polo is also organise by the villagers for the entertainment of the travellers. In Khuri, visitors spend their days by idling, partaking of Rajasthani meals, witnessing sunrises and sunsets from the sand dunes. In 30 minutes, one can reach Sand Dunes Resort from the village.To entice the visitors, bonfires with folk songs and Kalbeliya dance routines are common.


Let our endeavour be your pleasure of life


Our desirable location allows guests to make the most of their visit to Jaisalmer. While staying with us, one can take care of number of activities like bird watching, interacting with the vibrant village folk. Also, camel treks, village visits, dinner on the sand dunes, taking a tractor ride and even plucking your own fruits and vegetables.


We feel that, we have prepare all aspects of our campsite to ensure that our guests are comfortable with us. Also they can enjoy their journey with one of the best desert safari camp Jaisalmer.

Desert Safari Camp Jaisalmer


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